123 happi

And so I made a choice: I would start writing right away.  The next week, I wrote a post.  And then the week after that, I wrote two more posts.  Soon, I was finding my groove again.  And now, here I am, two months later, and my first viral non-image post is taking off. That’s what I want you to hear.  What I want you to know. When you’re creating something you care about, you are going to run into what appear to be epic obstacles.  It’s possible you’ll feel like the whole world hates you for it.  It’s inevitable you will make mistakes, things that will actually justify people getting angry at you. That’s okay.  I promise you.  I promise, I promise, I promise. Because when you are creating something you believe in, one moment will never define it.  One step along the way is just that: a step in a larger journey.  And the worst thing you could ever do is stop.  The worst thing you could ever do is misinterpret that moment as somehow defining your entire journey. And trust me, I know how hard that is.  When you’re in that dark place, when it’s in the moment, it really feels impossible to recover. But it’s not. And not only that, that moment can help you tap into something even better, even bigger, within yourself.  It could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Almost every dark moment in my life has turned out that way.  I swear.  From my near death experience, to my moments of deep dark depression, to getting fired from a job I cherished… All of those, once I got myself up, dusted myself off, and examined them, didn’t ignore them, but worked to understand them, and then… finally… moved forward… Those were the moments that marked the first step in every good moment in my life.  My near death experience started me on the road to becoming religious.  My depression led me to take my mental health seriously.  Getting fired led me to take control of my career.  And now, the post that I thought would ruin Pop Chassid has inspired me to write its most popular post ever. So, please, I beg you to listen to me: don’t stop.  Don’t hesitate.  Don’t let anything convince you that what you’re doing isn’t worth it. Because it totally is.  And you totally are. – See more at: http://popchassid.com/when-impossible/#sthash.z0yJzEJr.dpuf


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